Photo Taken by Mack Sturgis Studio and Model Chris Miklos

Bears LOVE their “T-shirt”

Let’s talk about clothes for an instant. There is one piece of clothing everyone has in their closet, in every part of the world, whether guys, girls, young, old, muscled or pudgy and it is has been present in the fashion trends for ages, we are talking about the famous T-Shirt.

With expressing prints and KOOL logos, never ending range of colours, textures and styles, for every taste and sizes, it has become the most accessible piece of garment ever.

But Bears have a particular relationship with their T. It’s becoming their way to express themselves. Whether it’s mood, political or personal statement, and social beliefs. Also worn to show muscles, favourite bands, or humorous images and the list goes on. So when we pick up that shirt and put it on, in someway reflects a part of us we want the world to know!!

Here are some KOOL T’s that might pick up on what you wanna say!!




Moody 3

t-shirt bear

t-shirt Moody 2

T-shirt big bear theory

Moody 1




Burlyshirts 1Burly 3Burly 2




Brutus 1Brutus 3Brutus 2