While researching for battery packs we actually wanted to demystify and to eliminate some kind of problematic’s before choosing your battery pack.Whether they were too expensive, too bulky or simply too short on storage.! So we actually narrowed down to five packs that we think are really Kool to have while you travel or on the road.


What we think is Kool about this battery pack, it’s got high-capacity, dual USB ports, a really stylish aluminum alloy shell with blue LCD display also Kool about it is that you can have a battery indicator and a built-in flashlight!

Another great and not so expensive pack is the Limefuel Usb External battery pack, claims it can charge twice as fast and the others on the market, its got a ultra capacity 13,000 mAh Lithium Battery, and a Kool factor apart from the built in flashlight it also has a smudge resistant rubber finish to keep it nice and clean.