Photo Taken by TOM BARBEE

Ny Hip-hop/pop recording artist Musicbear Tony Banks

Was up late one night.

Yeah right every night, and came across a message on Facebook from a reader, and sent me a Soundcloud link to hear his music.
Well… I was happily surprised on how Kool his sound is. Especially that it has a Bear connotation to it. By Bear I mean its got lyrics that Bears and their admirers can relate to. Sometimes explicit and others sweet and sensual this music has a catchy groove to it. But I’ll let you judge and experience it.

Finally got to chat with him a bit, and just by his writing I could tell this guy is High energy, while sharing me his passions and projects he was doing, I soon realised that he was multi talented, a “Renaissance” man I’d say!!

Here at Koolbears we like to encourage and expose talents with fresh ideas from the Bear community and all their friends. So let me present you MUSICBEAR TONY BANKS and here is a little about this Hip-hop/pop recording artist:

A vocalist and producer, Tony Banks has awakened the musical world with a new and unique sound. Embracing, rather than tossing aside the sexual power of music. Tony Banks is a recording artist and bear community activist. Growing up in Queens, NY in the 1980’s he became very fond of music and creating music. At the age of fourteen Tony began writing and splicing rhymes and erythematic tones and soon after got an internship at a local recording studio where he learned the art of producing and recording. Learning that SOUND, is not only what you hear, but more importantly what you feel.

Click on the link below to hear his music.

Enjoy, we sure did !

Music bears

Tony Banks