B10These days seems every man, or most of them, is on the craze of letting their facial hair grow. Not long ago all we would see is guys with clean-shaven faces plucking their brows, waxing and taking grooming to another level, while some of us with a beard could be spotted from a distance.

Some fashion historians are predicting the fall of facial hair, and that it reached its peak. The trend that is so happening right now will soon be on a decline they say. There where some studies made on the subject. A panel of 20 men all with beards except two was presented to a group of 50 people, including Gay, Hetero, and Bi-sex men and women, and where asked to rank from 1 to 10 the most attractive man on the panel. Interesting enough, the result was that the clean shaved men where in the top 3 of 75% of the judging participants.

There is a phenomenon called “negative frequency-dependent sexual selection”.Wau when we researched we dint even know that existed he he! And it exists in the animal realm as well, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It seems that beards gain advantage when they are rare, and loose appeal when in abundance, just like clothing or most of the trends.

This is all interesting, but WE at KoolBears, DON’T agree!!
Men don’t shave those faces! Keep the hair on!
Facial hair always was and will be an icon of masculinity, and that’s what BEARS like, and we stand by it!!

Supposedly, those trends come around every 30 years. So hurry up and grab a beard before they all disappear!!

Maybe the STACHE will be the next evolution of this fad!

Who knows…