With summer weather finally here, we are more inclined to go to remote places. Whether it is beaches, parks, camping or any other place with no electrical outlet to plug in our gizmos. But for music fans it can be a challenge! You don’t want to always have your headphones on. But now with Bluetooth technology there are companies out there that are producing High Performing portable wireless speakers, so we can enjoy our music wherever we are. Here are 3 of the koolest wireless speakers that we think might break the sound barrier to your hearts.

The Pill by Dr. Dre

the pill

This compact Bluetooth wireless speaker is amazing for travel, so small you can carry it practically anywhere. But don’t get fooled by it size because this little gizmo packs a punch when it comes down to sound. It’s Lightweight, with a Kool design and very easy to install.

Soundlink III by BOSE
Soundlink 3

This speaker is the most performing of the whole wireless Bluetooth Bose family. It’s a little bit bulkier than the “Mini”, but all worthwhile when you get to hear the sound. The Kool thing about it, it’s got a high-performing lithium battery that can give out up to 14 hours of music.


Another speaker in the wireless Bluetooth family is Jawbone, it impresses with his huge hi-fi sound that can fill any room. It’s small, compact and impresses with up to 15 hours of continuous play in just one charge. Comes in Kool colors as well.