Every Bear has a beard, and every beard needs its oil.

Was looking at my Facebook friends list and came about on a page with a great picture of a Sexy Kool looking Bear and his beautiful beard. Obviously got my immediate attention! 😉  Soon realized he was branding his new line of Beard Oils. So I immediately contacted him to share his story for all of us to know! 

Here is what Jeremy Brown had so say:


What made you start your own Beard Oil ?

 I’ve always had facial hair of some kind since I was able to grow it.  I still remember the thin mustache I had in high school.  I’ve had a full beard for quite a few years, but never knew it needed anything more than a trim every now and then.  It seems most men with beards have no idea more is needed.  My barber turned me onto this Argan oil based product by a renowned salon brand that was supposed to be for split ends, but he said it would be good for my beard.  I tried it, and it worked for the most part, but it had a very strong smell to it and looking at the ingredients list there were tons of chemical compounds that I had no idea what they were or what they were for.  In fact the Argan oil was one of the last in the list. 


What makes you Oil different then the others?

 From all of my research there were tons of different oils available, many of which when I went to their site were sold out or not in stock.  I started researching different types of raw oils, ordering samples and trying them out on my beard to see which ones worked the best.  From there I developed my formula which is a combination of Avocado, Argan and Jojoba oils.  The scents I chose are simple, masculine, and not overpowering as some of the other beard oils I have encountered.  


What are the benefits of using your beard oils?

All of them have fantastic characteristics that nourish your beard and keep it healthy and under control. The oils contain many vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids that keep your beard healthy and manageable, as well as the skin underneath…I’m sure we’ve all experienced the embarrassing beardruff!  So beyond that, I worked with a graphic artist friend that helped me develop the logo and labeling for the bottles, and from there it launched into the final product.


We at Koolbears want to encourage community products such as this one! Feel free to contact us if you have something to offer for the Bears!


 Here is where you can get Jeremy’s great Beard Oils!!

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